Tuesday, November 30, 2010

oh phooey.

I need to rant. At least for a little while, this is usually how I deal with things, I let it go, wash my face and then jump into action. I made the conscious decision to be a parent at 22 and now at 34 I find myself a parent of a gorgeous 11 year old girl. No regrets, never, not even at my most difficult moments as a parent.

Today I find myself sighing quite bit, mainly because my 11 year old came home with a bad grade (and while that is fixable and not the end of the world) the cause behind it is what bothers me. The "I didn't feel like studying for it"... welcome to the teenage angst! ugh teenage-hood rearing its ugly head already! even the most mild mannered and well behaved children will suffer from some type of teen angst and this is one is hitting me at an earlier age than expected! lol!! I have to laugh because laughter and a really good sense of humor is what keeps me sane, especially in moments like this.

So in short today I realized that while my daughter is a gifted student, she still is a regular tween. I now have to switch gears and remember in detail how it feels to be a teen and how I need to handle teen angst. phooey. I am assuming that it will get more and more challenging but I will be prepared, I hope.

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