Monday, January 31, 2011


I took in a stray today, my mom and I took her to the vet and poor thing, she is a little mangey, dehydrated and has an eye infection, aside from that she is ok. With a little medication and lots of love, in a couple of weeks she will be in great shape. I can't bathe her just yet, so she is a bit stinky (but it is the least of my concerns). I watch over her to make sure she is resting, especially after spending the day with an IV so that she can get her fluids. She will be at the vet tomorrow, getting more fluids through an IV and getting the antibiotics she needs.

I named her Samira.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

favorite spaces.

One thing is sure, 2011 started out with a bang! and I don't mean a huge party or anything of that sort... I started Miami Ad School this week, and I am already loving my experience, not only have I been inspired to really begin to pursue my dreams, but I am being kept busier than usual. It is all worth it though, so I haven't been able to post anything till this morning, as I wait for my class to begin in 30 min.

Not only have there been some mayor changes in my career, I also have been rearranging my home. You know it is one of those things about me, I like change. No wait, I LOVE change. Now that I am a full time student, my budget for decorating is tiny. itty bitty, but I am truly inspired and will make it work!

LonnyMag is this really beautiful online publication, that well, never disappoints... are here are some of the lovely rooms that I want to make my own.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 is here!

Last night my mother, Sophie and I took our travel bags for walk around the block (that is a must if you want to travel throughout the upcoming year) and we are modern gypsies, always moving always traveling! We ate our 12 grapes, made our wishes, placed some dry lentil in our purse (for a fruitful year, of course).

There are so many new year traditions in the world but I think we all have one in common; all over the world people make new year's resolutions, some are to better oneself, some are to help others... but whatever you choose to do this year, I wish you success.

Here are mine...

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