Wednesday, January 5, 2011

favorite spaces.

One thing is sure, 2011 started out with a bang! and I don't mean a huge party or anything of that sort... I started Miami Ad School this week, and I am already loving my experience, not only have I been inspired to really begin to pursue my dreams, but I am being kept busier than usual. It is all worth it though, so I haven't been able to post anything till this morning, as I wait for my class to begin in 30 min.

Not only have there been some mayor changes in my career, I also have been rearranging my home. You know it is one of those things about me, I like change. No wait, I LOVE change. Now that I am a full time student, my budget for decorating is tiny. itty bitty, but I am truly inspired and will make it work!

LonnyMag is this really beautiful online publication, that well, never disappoints... are here are some of the lovely rooms that I want to make my own.

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