Thursday, October 6, 2011

I ♥ .

This morning as I read all over the internet about Steve Jobs, as I hear all the newscasts on TV pay tribute to a great visionary, a true genius... I finally realize how my mother felt when she mourned the death of JFK. There are people that inspire and make a different, but there are few that change the world forever. For me Steve Jobs is one of them, and as I type this using my MacBook Pro, I do not remember my life without an apple product. The first time I used a computer was a Mac, back in the 80's, I remember how the whole class took turns using it. As I got older and went to art school, Macs were all we used, and what I used to create my first flyer (sigh).

So, as I type away, I gaze across the room to find my daughter's imac, her ipod, my iphone, and all I can feel is grateful for Steve Jobs genius... and happy to have a little Apple in my life.

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