Tuesday, December 7, 2010

it's a mad mad world!

and I'm mad about the show, I have been watching it religiously ever since Mad Men made its appearance back in 07. Not only did it make working at an ad agency cool (not that it ever wasn't) but it also helped bring back some pretty sexy fashion. Now, I have loved good advertising ever since I can remember and even went as far as to wallpaper my walls with Guess and Calvin Klein ads when I was a teen. So you can see why this show would spark my interest, and has kept it all along...

I found this charming book by Dyna Moe: Mad Men the Illustrated World that has some cool tidbits about the show and of course, super cool quizzes and illustrations, it leaves me with no choice but to pick up a copy or two (and I know just who to give it to!)
 At Mod Cloth there are tons of great dresses that have that "mad men" flair, I suggest that if you want to channel your inner Joan, Peggy or Betty... make a point of stopping by their website.


  1. this is super cool. I love Mad Man and not to say about the fashion. I love Joan style. the hair is elegant.

  2. you can pull a Joan if you dared to! lol mmm that could be your new year's resolution! be more daring...


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