Tuesday, December 21, 2010

santino federico

Santino is my cat. 

I adopted him from a shelter here in Miami and if I remember correctly, he chose me. I was looking through the cages and from all the way in the back he came and started to smell my hand. He was this tiny fur ball and I was a goner, I loved him immediately. Right now he reigns supreme, he has made my home his kingdom and loves to lounge around everywhere and run up and down the stairs at crazy speed. He wakes my daughter and me in the mornings, and has an addiction to ham and rotisserie chicken (I know, true carnivore). He won't even come near dry cat food!

It is incredible how much happiness he gives, how affectionate he is. People are always saying that cats are not huggable or lovable like dogs, but I beg to differ. Yes, they are independent but not distant. 
As I wrap my holiday gifts, he is sitting right beside me, playing with the ribbons, going through the boxes... oh Santino!

This holiday I wanted to make him a little hat and t-shirt, but he is not having it. He doesn't want anything on him at all! I have a balcony (screened) which he loves to hang out and watch lizards run around, and every morning he meows for me to let him go out there...maybe I should try walking him.


  1. santino el terrible , esta bonito tu pagina

  2. he is really adorable and spoiled but I love him too

  3. I love how you said he chose you, I feel the same way about my pets. I'll have to share with you a beautiful poem on this subject. I also love how you described cats as independent but distant, so many people misunderstand so many animals which leads to ignorance and in some cases worse :( It does however, make me happy that our family is smart enough to adopt our animals and love them unconditionally- dresses and all :)

  4. Santino is out of line! but adorable.


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